Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can you ever post too many Hawaii pictures?

The first of these are from Sunday, after church we walked around the temple. Then there are some from Saturday and finally a few from Friday. We are taking lots of pictures so I suppose that is why we are posting so many. We don't get tired of them. If you do then you don't have to look!

The girls with their flowers...

Jace laughing

The Boys

Check out this handsome man

The newly refurbished temple

Cool tree

The 4 of us

Anniston did not want to take a picture right at that moment.

The kids in our "double" stroller. They seemed to enjoy it. Plus Anniston does not like Jace using "her" stroller often, so this was exciting for her and she "let" him ride in it.


The sand girl.

More pictures of the sand girl, she was rolling in the sand and throwing it in the air so it would land on her head. We will be getting sand out of her hear for the next few weeks.

Stacey and the kids

Jace will not stand in my hand like Anniston did, so we had to improvise.

Adam and the kids

Anniston had a similar picture, so we had to get Jace too.


Adam's sand castle's always get cut short from the kids either crushing it or Jace wanting to leave, this wasn't much different. 

In the process of digging we found a crab. Anniston was interested. 

The crab

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some more Hawaii

Watching the waves...

Jace just hanging at the beach...

He loves it!

Stacey and the kids at the beach at Turtle Bay

Stacey and the kids in front of the temple

All of us infront of the temple

Now on to Sunset beach. Anniston loves playing in the sand.

Adam relaxing in the ocean...does it get any better than this?

Always part of the water fun...

Anniston getting sand off her towel

Did I mention Anniston likes the sand? She likes to be buried in it. 

Jace and his first time at Sunset beach. This was Anniston's first beach she came to. 

Of course we had to go see the turtles!

Anniston would not look at the camera she was too distracted by the turtles. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some beach pictures

So here is a handful of pictures from our first time to actually play in the water at the beach on this trip.

Here is our little mermaid Anniston

 So here is Jace...there is a story with this picture and the next...

Here we have rigged up our little umbrella for Jace. The chair he is on is tied to the umbrella to keep it from blowing away. Jace had been sleeping in here as you see it for about 45 minutes. Stacey and I were throwing a ball when a gust of wind came and lifted the umbrella, the chair, and thus Jace and dumped the chair and the car seat upside down...Stacey was closer and went running to him. I could see him with his little arm and head just hanging upside down as the handle held him suspended above the sand. Stacey turned him over and he was startled for a few seconds and then was laughing. Since no harm was done it was pretty funny. I wish we had a video or at least a picture of him hanging there. Needless to say we didn't keep him in that same arrangement after that.
(I maybe should add that he didn't go flying high in the air or anything it just was enough to tip everything over)

 My beautiful beach girls...

Anniston loves the water. She calls the ocean/beach "Hawaii" We will be sitting at home and she will say "I want to go to Hawaii" we tell her we are in Hawaii, but she says "No, Hawaii by the water"

Just hanging in the sun

Adam's sand castle that he started, but had to cut short because we had to leave.

King Kong crushing the castle...

Jace was hilarious...He LOVED the water and sand. We put his feet on the sand and the water would come wash up on his feet and legs and he just started smiling and laughing SO hard. He went on for about 3 or 4 minutes just laughing.

More of Jace with his feet in the water...

Daddy and the kids in Hawaii
OH how WE LOVE HAWAII. I thought it when I landed here and Stacey said it when she walked out to the beach the first day... "It feels like I just came home..."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference

I love General Conference! It is a time when the prophet of God along with other people called of God speak the word of God to a world wide audience. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday. The first session was this morning and the second will be starting shortly. Again on Sunday there are two sessions. The sessions are 2 hours each starting at 10 am Mountain daylight time and 2 pm MDT. It is a great time to feel the love and peace that God has to offer and to let Him guide you in your life.

If anyone is interested in hearing this wonderful conference you can CLICK HERE to listen or to watch live the proceedings. Even if you can tune into it for a part of it, it will touch your life. If you catch this post after this weekend the link will still link you to the conference reports and you will be able to watch, read or listen to them.

In Galatians 5:22 it says, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith" I invite you to pay attention to those "fruits" as you may listen to the messages so that you may know they come from God.