Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anniston's 1st beach day!

This was her first official day at the beach...we have been down before, but to day Anniston had her swimsuit on and got in the water (1/4 the way) She really LOVES being outside. She can be fussy and screaming and all we have to do is walk outside and she calms right down. With that said, it is needless to say she loved the beach. She didn't even mind getting her legs in the cool water.

Happy 4th of July!!!

This was Anniston's little red, white, and blue outfit for the 4th

Crystal and Anniston at our breakfast celebration

I went on a hike called the "Crouching Lion" I call it Hawaii's Angel's Landing. It was a shear drop on both sides of the trail for a little bit.

We went up to Turtle Bay to see fireworks. While we waited for it to get dark we played Phase 10, Anniston wanted in on the fun. Right before the fireworks were to start, it started to down pour on us, everything turned in to chaos. Everyone was running in every direction tyring to find cover. Stacey and I ended up in the middle of the field huddled over the stroller with an umbrella over our heads and our rear ends getting soaked! I wish we had a picture. The rain let up after 5 minutes and then we watched the wonderful fireworks! Welcome to Hawaii.
Happy 4th of July! I love the USA! (even though right now I am not a fan of it's politics)