Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to Hawaii...back to blogging

We have moved back to Hawaii! 
With the move back to Hawaii I think I will try to blog a few pictures and events as we are now an ocean away from many friends and family. 
We are in our third week back and are working on making adjustments to our new life here. 

Anniston and Jace there first time back to the beach. 

Jace Anniston and Landon at the beach at Turtle Bay

Hanging at a beach over in Ko'olina in front of the resorts. While not a beach for waves, it is beautiful and perfect for our little family right now. No big waves, shade, grass which is perfect for sitting with Clay. 

The kids have a short day Wednesday. I work half days on Wednesdays, so we are calling them water Wednesdays. If the kids have their homework done to that point we get a beach day.