Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, I have the BEST HUBBY ever! For Valentine's day Adam decided to surprise me with a trip to Kauai. He woke me up at 4:26am and said that I needed to hurry and get ready so that we wouldn't miss the sunrise. He had everything ready for me including tennis shoes, which he led me to believe that we were going on a hike to watch the sunrise.

Well, after 45 minutes in the car and a turn onto the H1 freeway- I said, "Where are we going? We only go this way if we are going to Aloha Stadium or to the Airport!" He then pulled out a hand made Valentine's Card with a poem inside that indicated that we were on our way to Kauai!!! I was super excited...Kauai was the only island we hadn't been to and we both really wanted to go before we pack up to leave Hawaii in April, but I honestly didn't think that we would get to go. However, we DID...and it was...well, AMAZING!!!

Thanks Adam! I love you!

Here are just some of the MANY highlights and pictures from our GREAT Kauai trip...

My TWO Valentines!!! What a cute picture taken at sunset!

There was a seal sun-bathing on the beach!!!

Another cute one!

A "Blow Hole" Called "Spouting Horn"


Inside of the dry cave. This was a HUGE cave in the mountain with a beautiful beach in front of it.

One of the MANY pictures that Adam took at Sunset.

Kissy, Kissy!

This is one of Anniston's favorite things to do with Daddy! We just happened to snap a great picture during the sunset!

This was taken on our Waimea Canyon Drive. We thought that the red dirt with the water flowing over it was pretty neat!

Beautiful Landscape!

Our Cute little Family at the top of Waimea Canyon (AKA - Grand Canyon of the Pacific) - which is an amazing sight.

Another Canyon Pic!

Glass Sand Beach! I'm not sure if you can tell, but the so-called sand on this beach is really GLASS - all different colors of glass that have been smoothed over by the water. It was pretty awesome!

Here's Adam and Anniston finding pretty sand glass to add to our collection of Hawaii sand!!!

Anniston Kalia in her cute Valentine's dress!

A pretty picture on our drive around the island!

This is just one of the few different waterfalls that we were able to see in Kauai!

Of all the beautiful things of this "Garden Island"...what was Anniston's favorite? The ROOSTER!!! Go figure! There are chickens everyone here...Adam now thinks the rooster needs to be the state bird!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cutest Picture of Anniston?

Please leave a comment of which ONE of the pictures below you think it the cutest of Anniston.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning to walk at the beach...

This afternoon we went to hang at the beach. We drove up towards Haleiwa to find a nice beach to stop at. We ended up stopping and watching some whales for a few minutes then we got an Acai Bowl and ended up back in Laie at Hukilau Beach. Anniston was having a great time in the sand as usual. We decided to let her try to stand/walk on the sand.

This one was too cute not to post.