Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Recent Photos of Anniston

This is priceless...Whenever Anniston sees a camera she refuses to smile. So to get this smile on camera was exciting.

Pretty little Anniston with her Baby Blue Eyes
What can we say! She's adorable!!!
Dad and Anniston taking a nap

Anniston lost in the laundry

Anniston in her 24th of July outfit

Just cute

More cute

Watch out she's ready to take you on...

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

August 2nd was our 2 year anniversary! To celebrate I made Stacey breakfast in bed. For those of you who don't know we have a projector in our room, so while we ate our breakfast in bed we watched our wedding video on the big screen. We then made a cake. I had this idea to take my mom's Halloween cake with oreos and chocolate pudding and make a beach cake. So after breakfast we made a beach cake with vanilla pudding and vanilla oreos. It turned out pretty dang good for beginners. We then went shopping and to Chili's for dinner. (Stacey's favorite place to eat)

We have had 2 of the most wonderful years of our lives! We are so excited to have many MANY more to celebrate and live! I LOVE YOU MUVE!

Stacey's Birthday

We celebrated Stacey's birthday. For her "cake" I decided it would be fun to make 27 sugar cookies and Rachel, Bethany, Grandpa, and I all decorated a few sugar cookies with a memory about Stacey that we had. We all had wonderful memories of Stacey that made for some pretty interesting cookies.

Visit from Great Grandpa IVon and Aunt Rachel

First time with Aunt Rachel!

First time meeting Great Grandpa IVon

Rachel and Grandpa with their spoils from the Swap meet

Bethy, Rach, Grandpa, Adam at Turtle Beach

Grandpa and Anniston decided to crash together

Bethany and I decided to share a pineapple ice cream sundae that was big enough for 10 people. We finished it and it was FABULOUS!

All of us in front of the Laie Temple

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Big Island

On our flight over to the Big Island we saw a beautiful sunrise. The pictures do not do justice to the beauty we witnessed.

We got off the plane and drove straight to the Volcano park. Grandpa woke up right as we got there. I must say that this picture does not due justice to the normaly handsome young man granpda is. Him allowing us to take this picture just shows the charming sense of humor he has.

Stacey, Grandpa, and I infront of one of the craters. You can see one of the plumes rising in the background.

These two pictures are in front of and in Thurston's lava tube. It is a place where the lava flow made a tunnel into the ground, it is pretty cool. We were able to walk about 100 yards into it.

Another big crater that still is smoking from part of it.

Here we are all 6 of us.

We are just having a good time!

Anniston's mode of transportation to go on the hikes when we couldn't take the stroller. She seemed to enjoy the ride.

We walked out a bit to get close to a part where the lava was coming out and hitting the ocean.

Here is a better picture of all the steam, smoke, and ash. It was pretty cool. There was constant steam from the lava hitting the water and ever few seconds we would see a big blast of black ash being thrown into the air.

The road you can see use to be a main road that was traveled often...until the lava flowed over it. You can kind of see the mass of back that covers the road.

This is Anniston Before.....

.....This is Bethany after....

The two pictures above are of Rainbow falls. It was a pretty waterfall.

The above three picture are at Akaka falls. I think they said that it is 481 feet high! This was a beautiful little hike to see this water fall.

This is the Kona Temple. It was closed when we drove over to it.

Me and the Sisters..Bethany, Rachel, and Adam at a black sand beach.

Stacey, Bethany, Rachel, and Adam on the black sand beach.

Stacey took a picture at dusk on the black sand beach.

What can we say? The Big Island wore us all out! Here we are waiting to go back to Oahu at midnight and our flight was delayed. What a fun two day trip!