Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Laie Hawaii temple has been closed for some major work, but it will be open soon. We will have to opportunity to attend the open house just before we leave the island!

Getting behind....

I really don't like getting behind on the blog. I feel like I have to cover everything between then and now before I can post current things.

For now all you get is a tiny update. We moved to Utah...I had a rotation in Nephi and Gunnison with a General Surgeon...I am now in Hawaii at a different rotation. Stacey and the kids will be coming out next week. We will be here until the end of October.

I will try to post pictures within a week or so...but the beach may call louder than the blog so we will see.

I don't have the camera with me so I pulled an old picture off the blog, you will just have to imagine that I am in the same place 2 years later...I assure you it looks the same...(minus the baby until Stacey gets here with the kids).

Just another day in paradise.