Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lately in Life...

I decided that I better play the "catch-up" game now because next week is going to get a little crazy --- Wanna know why??? We are moving to......UTAH!!! WaaaWhooo! I am super excited - we will finally be with family for a little while instead of just little vacations here and there. I am sad though to leave Pennsylvania. We have had such a great time here and met some of the BEST people and friends. Moving always has that bitter-sweet feeling to me.

So, why are we moving to Utah NOW? NO, Adam did NOT get kicked out of the PA program - He is actually doing GREAT in it and Loving his rotations. The last 6 weeks he has been in the ER and has had some pretty exciting and interesting moments. Anyways, the next 3 of 4 rotations that he has is in Utah! How great is that - and do you know what's even better? Guess where the 1 rotation is that is not in Utah? HAWAII - and even better - it's at the BYUH health center! So, he will be on his way back to Laie for 6 weeks --- I'm hoping that we can all go, but we're still trying to figure that one out. If anyone wants to give us poor college students some free money donations to aid in the cause that would be GREAT! Ha,ha,ha!

Life has been great the last two months since we have had Jace here with us! He is such a good baby and blessing to all of us. Anniston had a difficult time adjusting at first, but is now doing great and the biggest helper I could ever ask for. It's really cute to see her with her little brother - she really LOVES him so much.

We have had lots of visitors -- first, my Mom came out for a week - it was great having her here with me that first week -- I think I might have gone crazy without the extra help.

Then a week later Adam's parents came to visit! They are so much fun and helped out so much as well! We were able to go to Gettysburg and Washington DC with was great!

Now, we have Adam's sister Rachel with us and I don't know what I would do without her! She keeps Anniston entertained all day while I pack, watches Jace and is going to be flying back with me when we go to Utah.

This was our last goodbye party with our friends the Nickle's and the Harris's - we're sure going to miss them!

The girls!

Anniston and her BFF Chloe!

Our Bald (well in the front) Cutie Patootie Jacers! (Adam wants to cut all of his hair in the back. I'm undecided - What do you think?)

I almost forgot - I had a birthday! I'm in my last year of the 20's - Wow I can't believe it! I use to think that was old - it's funny how time changes your perspective on things! It was a great day! Adam got up with Jace at 3:00am - and let me sleep through the night! Then I got breakfast in bed, had a pedicure (my first one ever - Adam won a gift card to a spa and it was heavenly!), went to Olive Garden for dinner, played tennis with my hubby, and ended the night at our neighbors with brownies and homemade icecream! Yummy, Yummy!

For all of you who wanted to know Jace's delivery story - you'll have to wait - I've taken too much time blogging today, but it will suffice me to say that I went ALL NATURAL! I thought I was going to die, but I survived it all and in the end I'm glad that I did it (we'll Jace didn't leave me many options!).
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anniston and 1 month old Jace

The first picture here is Anniston last night. She lately has been skipping her nap time. Yesterday she missed her nap and about 6:00 in the evening she was playing in the living room with a laundry basket, well the next time we looked at her she was sitting as you see her fast asleep!!! She slept like that for over an hour before laying on the floor. We didn't think she would sleep that long so finally we moved her to her bed and she slept until this morning.

The other pictures are of Jace today! He is 41 days old. He has grown so much, he is really filling out and loosing the newborn look. We are all adjusting to the new life with a new baby boy. Anniston had some time adjusting, but I think she is pretty well adjusted now and we have to make sure she doesn't love her little brother to death with too hard and too many hugs.

Some have asked for the labor and delivery story....well you have to get Stacey on here to do that.