Friday, February 26, 2010

Broken bone = Cast

So Anniston had her first cast put on.

At first I don't know if she was a fan of the cast...but after a few minutes she got used to it.

She sat so good while her cast was put on.

Just kidding... NO broken bone! We were doing orthopedics at school and were practicing casting. As you can see Anniston and I both have casts.

We took them off not long after we put them on.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Random sampler

Bethany and Anniston in Hersey, PA. If you know Anniston you know she LOVES her chocolate milk, so this little "chocolate bank" is perfect for Anniston

This pictures merits explanation. Last week Stacey heard Anniston wake up in the morning and start calling "mom, mom, mom...." This is normal for Anniston in the morning, what wasn't normal was what Stacey found when we walked into Anniston's room. Anniston had taken off her PJ's AND her diaper and was standing desnuda holding her diaper calling for mom!

CRAZY hair!

It was two of our friends birthdays here on the same day. Stacey and Bethy got ambitious and decided to make them a fruit bouquet.

Anniston's hair is now long enough to do THIS!

Cutie Pie!

What is Anniston going to do when Bethy is gone?!?

Random Pictures while in Utah

This is in no way a good sample of eveything we did and everyone we saw, but just some quick pictures from our Christmas trip.

The Cottle Cousins

Family photo Christmas morning. As you can see Tara just got engaged (well maybe you can't see that) but you can see that Tara and Gavin like their PDA :)

Grandma and Anniston opening gifts

Tara is embarrassed of her family....

Anniston got a horse to ride at Grandpa/Grandma's

Rachel, Bethy, Adam, Anniston, Stacey, Grandpa IVon, Tara, Gavin Christmas Eve.

The Wall Cousins with Grandpa in the middle in our new PJ's

As tradition goes...we act out the Manger Scene every Christmas Eve. The last few years we have been including the prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite about the birth of Christ. I typically get to play Samuel....

Christopher gets to play the Holy Ghost who protects Samuel from the arrows and stones

Peck Cousins

Grandpa and Grandma Peck

Playing in the SNOW in UTAH!!!

We couldn't pass up being in Utah without playing in the snow!

We love Friends!!!

Date night in Utah

hile in Utah Stacey and I went on a date bowling and decided to have a little competition and a prize for the winner. It was a tri-game competition. Whoever won 2 of the 3 games was the winner. Bowling, Darts, and Speed. I won Bowling, Stacey won Speed, and.....I won Darts. The winner's prize was to choose what the other would wear on a date the next week. So here are some pictures the next week on our date.

Some of us wanted to try our bowling skillw with the lucky hat.