Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just some random Pictures...

She already has a love for chocolate and has never had it!

This is her favorite sleeping position. This wasn't the best one, but sometimes her behind is a lot higher in the air.

She has become a real climber, since we don't have stairs she finds anything else she can climb on.
Just plain cute!

Fun at the beach with mom...

...and dad...

...with lots of sun...

...and don't forget the sand! Anniston loves the sand. It is her favorite. The funny thing is that she doesn't eat it she just likes the feeling up it and watching it run through her fingers. She loves to just take off crawling down the beach.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For clarifiaction of the post with the scrapbook pages...No I am not "officially" graduated. We will be leaving in April and the next graduation ceremony is in June so I walked in December. So in a way I am unofficially graduated.

Second Item to clarify...I was accepted to the PA program at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. "HOORAH!!!" After much prayer and fasting Stacey and I cancelled all the other interviews. We feel strongly that we need to be in Lock Haven for the next couple of years. The program starts May 18, this year. We will finish here mid-April and head to Utah for a couple of week and then take off for Pennsylvania the first part of May.

Welcome back to the blogging world! It feels like we haven't put a post up for a while. A lot has been going on. For Christmas Stacey got a digital scrap booking program. (She also had become a Twilight fan which has had her too busy to use it yet) So I have been spending my time doing digital scrapbook pages instead of blogging. So below are some of the pages to help get the blog up to date.
Click on the individual pages to make them bigger.