Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preview of Washington DC

I say PREVIEW of Washington D.C. because we only had a portion of a day. It is our Stake temple trip so we decided to come a day early and check out D.C. By the time we got to our hotel and took the metro it was 2:30. We didn't have time to do much, but we did what we could and it was NEAT!

We didn't make it to any museums except the Holocaust Museum. Even there Anniston did not find it as interesting as we did so we had to move through the exhibits quickly. We will return without her to take more time there. I think that every person should go to that museum and see the pictures and movies to help remind them what happened. I think what we as a people forget is that Hitler did not come to power overnight and just start the massacre. Hitler SLOWLY over the period of a few years built up his ideas and lulled the people away. I wonder maybe if we are forgetting the lesson that can be learned from that part of history. I wonder if at times we are slowly being lulled into things that a few years ago we would have never imagined accepting, but because of the slow changes over time we are becoming numb to things that would have shocked us only a short time ago.

ENOUGH SAID for NOW about that. Actually NOT ENOUGH said about that, but for now that will have to suffice and we can discuss this face to face sometime.

Our first stop off the metro was the George Washington Monument. We didn't get to go inside to the top, but when we come back we will do that.

Next was the Capital Building.

Of course Anniston is not IN the stroller but walking along side of it...the story of our day.

This is a picture of part of the WWII monument.

Of course THE BEAUTIFUL Stacey, pushing sleepy Anniston. (One of the few times she was IN the stroller)

We thought this was a neat picture looking at the George Washington Monument at night.

We can't forget the Abraham Lincoln Monument.

Stacey's uncle died in Vietnam during the war. She has always wanted to see this memorial and uncle Joe's name. So we stopped to pay tribute to his service and the many others who died in the service of others during that war. I am etching his name on a piece of paper for Dave and Darlene.

If any were wondering from the Cottle's, there were not "Cottle" names on the wall.

And our last stop before jumping back on the metro was the White House.

We both thought it was very neat to be here and we cannot wait to find another weekend to come back down!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Pictures! Sorry I am not going to comment much...too busy in school but atleast here are some pictures.
Anniston the Duck!

Ghosts in our house!