Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I am so happy when Grandpa comes (grandma too)..."

"It's always fun when grandpa comes, when grandpa comes, HURRAY!"
(grandma too, but that is just how the song goes)
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit a couple of weeks ago. We picked them up at the Rochester Airport and saw some of the church history sites. After we spent a few days in Lock Haven before they headed out.

Hill Cumorah
This is looking from the top of the hill.

Stacey and I in front of the memorial

Anniston in the visitor's center, getting ready to be a missionary already!

Sacred Grove
Stacey took a few pictures here. It has been said that this is one of the most sacred places on earth and I must admit that there truly is a sacred feeling in this grove of trees. It was such a neat experience to be in a place where Heavenly Father and His Son appeared in this dispensation. I am grateful to know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I do have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I know that the Church that Jesus Christ established when Christ was on the earth has been restored in its fullness in our days.
That restoration began here in this sacred grove of trees...

Smith Family Farms
I don't really have any pictures of any of the farm houses, but just of us on the farm.

This picture doesn't do justice, but there was a beautiful view of the temple through the fall colored trees.

Anniston with Grandpa's glasses

If you look close enough you can see that we are infront of the welcome sign at the Palmyra temple.

We were able to go to a session at the temple before touring the sites.

Grandma and Anniston in their hoods

Anniston was driving this horse. She would hold on and was pulling hard on the reigns (Grandpa's hair!). After, Grandpa thought he had for sure lost the rest of his hair.

Stacey, Adam, and Anniston in front of the Palmyra temple.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming to visit!
Anniston misses you tons. She still will go around saying "Gwam-pa, Gwam-pa."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Falling into Fall Leaves....and..."pun-pun" carvings

Our neighbors grandaughter, Allison, took Anniston to play in the leaves.

At first Anniston was not too fond of the leaves.

But with a little help she started to LOVE the leaves.

Allison had fun throwing Anniston into the leaves...

...and Anniston loved it too!

As promised here are some picture of our Jack-O-Lanterns this year!
The middle one was so sick he was green, so of course he had to be the puking pumpkin.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pick'n Pumpkins from the Patch

The first few days of October found us looking for pumpkins to start off our Halloween celebrations for the month of October. Some of our friends took us to a great pumpkin farm. We wish we would have taken more pictures of all the different types of pumpkins...it seemed like there were more types of pumpkins than drugs on my pharmocology test (more than I care to count).
Anniston was pretty excited, she was off running to get the best pumpkin.
Anniston really did like all the pumpkins. She even started learning to say "pumpkin" it sounds something like "pun-pun"

The Big "pun-pun"

Out of all the "pun-puns" Anniston's favorites were the Baby Boo (little white pumpkins), and of course she had to have one for each hand.

Our little family!

The kids playing on the spider.

We thought the spider and cat were quite creative.

Here is a picture of a FEW of the pumpkin types they had.

Oh yea, don't forget the Maize.
Stay tuned later this month to see the "pun-pun" carvings!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Anninston's First Time as the Cookie Maker!

Anniston has always been a COOKIE MONSTER and Anniston has watched cookie making, but Sunday was her first time actually making them. She helped by adding the sugars, flour, and vanilla. Of course she took care of the licking of the spatula and beater.

Here she is getting quite aggressive with that spatula....

Of course daddy couldn't let her have all the fun!

A few days ago after walking into our bedroom, Anniston was found here. There is this tiny space to be able to crawl back into this little corner of the closet where daddy's shoes are at. She was just having a good old time in there.