Monday, September 28, 2009

non-picture post....

I know, I know...this is not characteristic of a normal post for our blog not to have a picture, just bare with me. I went home to a Delicious potato soup and peach cobbler for lunch today (I do have to say that Stacey is SO wonderful, she makes me a lunch and she and Anniston come and visit with me for my lunch break every day. She is the BEST wife ever!). As I was getting ready to leave, Stacey and Anniston walk over to say goodbye as I walked out the door. Anniston started reaching her arms to me to give me a hug, so I took her and gave her a hug then Stacey said, "give daddy a kiss and tell him bye bye." So Anniston turns to Stacey, waves "bye bye," and says "kiss" to Stacey and then puckers up waiting for mommy to give her a kiss. We just started laughing because it was kind of cute and funny, she was letting us know that she was going with dad. Well, Anniston just got the saddest face you have ever seen (which includes sticking out her bottom lip about as far as you can imagine), and then just started bawling. It was sad and funny all at the same time. Anniston has such sensitive feelings. Well after a few minutes of playing with her and getting her entertained, I finally said good bye again, this time Anniston said "bye-bye" followed by "kiss," so I gave her a kiss and ran out the door.
Anniston sure does know how to make you feel like a million! Who wouldn't feel loved after that!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Purely Anniston

If you follow our blog it might seem to you that all we ever post about is Anniston. If you were to come over for dinner or just talk to us you would probably hear mostly about Anniston. What can we say? Anniston is our little pride and joy. So to follow tradition here are some more picture of our little princess.
Anniston would not go to bed a few nights ago so finally Stacey just let her run around while she did the dishes, by the time Stacey was done with dishes Anniston had found a nice and very soft spot on the kitchen floor. She was out cold.

We have one of those big exercise balls and often Stacey and I will sit on it while at the computer. One day I walked in the kitchen to find Anniston sitting on her ball. She is so funny, she will copy just about anything we do. I was cleaning windows and walls and Anniston came in with a cloth and started wiping down the walls. Also while in PA school I often practice on Stacey and Anniston, often listening to their heart sounds. One day Anniston walked in with my stethoscope listening to her own chest. We hope we will be good examples for her to follow.

Just a cute one of Anniston before church last Sunday.

Anniston loves to pray. Every time we eat she will remind us to pray as soon as she gets in her chair. At bed time when she is ready for bed she runs into her room, kneels down, folds her arms, bows her head, and waits for us to pray with her.

Anniston loves the tub! She is a water girl. I think she gets it from living her first year in Hawaii on the beach. Notice on the tub she spelled out her name(with just a little help!)...except when you have 3 N's, T's, A's; 2 O's, I's, and L's you have to get creative when you have only one of each letter.

Anniston's hair is long enough for a pony tail now! The only question each day is, how long will she leave it in? I think the record is about 15 minutes!!

More pony tail...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Redeeming Anniston....

After the last post I thought it only fair to Anniston to let you all know that she really is a VERY cute little girl and she does REALLY cute things 99.9% of the time. So here is a cute picture of Anniston a few Sunday's ago.
(plus Stacey didn't really want me to post the last post and my dad said it was embarrassing to Anniston. So I felt that she needed a cute picture to make up for the "mud" pictures.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HaPpy BiRtHdAy HuBby!!!

"You're having a BIRTHDAY...Shout HOORAY...It's time to sing to you TODAY...One year older and wiser too...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!"
Here are some fun pictures from the 26 years of Adam's life!

What a cute Baby...
...and an even cuter toddler!!!

Adam played a lot of sports when he was was one of them.
However, basketball was and still is his all time favorite!

He loves to ski and is really good at it too!

Happy High School Graduation!

Adam was a great missionary in Buenos Aires Argentina!
I love this picture! Did I mention that he also likes to water ski?!?
In August of '06 - We got married! What a great day! I always say that I'm the luckiest girl ever to have found someone so wonderful! Adam really is the Greatest Hubby in the entire world! Thanks!

In May of '08 - Adam became a Daddy to our little Anniston! He is also the most amazing Father a child could ever want.
We love you Adam and hope you have the Greatest Birthday Ever (even though you're stuck in classes all day!!!) XOXOXO