Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waimano Falls

We are realizing that our days in Hawaii are numbered, 5 or 6 months left. We wrote a "Hawaii bucket list" it includes going on this hike to Waimano falls.
Stacey, Adam, and Anniston at the trail head. The Hike was around 3 miles round trip.

Stacey and Bethany on their way down a VERY steep part of the hike with lots of "tripping" roots.

Stacey and Bethany coming down another VERY steep part of the trail. This one even had a rope to help you down. Also, instead of roots to trip you up, it was a mud slide.

Adam and Anniston hiking through the jungle, enjoying strawberry guava's all along the way. Anniston was a trooper! She rode the entire time in her little carrier without hardly a whimper. She just jibber jabbered most of the time.

A part of the Falls...We were slightly disappointed when we reached the falls. There was a group of people who had three dogs...rottweilers who were not friendly with each other. There was a rope swing in the lower falls that we wanted to swing on, but decided to forgo the swim due to the dogs.

Beautiful, photogenic Stacey.

A cool picture (showing Stacey's photography skills)

We ended the day with a double rainbow on the drive home. (so you can barely see the second rainbow if you look hard enough above the bright one, we didn't get the picture quick enough to get both of them)

Sunrise at Hukilau Beach

So...I went to go for a morning run on the beach, and ended up doing very little running and lots of picture taking. Here are a few of the pictures from the sunrise. The pictures do not give justice to the majestic sunrise that it was.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun with Anniston

Anniston has always enjoyed her bath.(You can see she seems quite content)

She even doesn't mind having water in her face....

This bath time she learned how to have a party in the bath tub. She was SO funny. She just started splashing the water with her hands, it was ALL over the place. She would go crazy splashing, stop and laugh and start all over again. She went on for 10 minutes or so. It was fun to watch her.

Here Anniston is getting ready to go and enjoy the beach. We thought this was a cute picture of her. She now enjoys the sand. The last two times we have been to the beach she will sit there and play with the sand in her fingers. She picks up hand fulls and then lets it run through her fingers.

Also Anniston is starting to sit up by herself. It has been a couple of week now, and she is getting much better.

This past Sunday we put Anniston up on her hands and knees and she would just sit and rock back and forth. Later in the evening she started to get up on her hands and knees all by herself! She doesn't have the crawling down yet, it is as if her hands and knees are glued to the floor, but she has the crawling position down.

We also tried to give her some carrots this week. I think her face says it all....

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Count Dracula, Mrs. Dracula and their little black kitty...

Anniston didn't know what to think of us. She didn't cry, but I don't know that she was sure it was us or not. Anniston just had a wide eye look the whole night, not sure what to make of all this Halloween stuff.

Anniston was also a little pumpkin! She is so cute!

A close up of the little black kitty

Mrs. Dracula....Is it really Stacey?

The Count Dracula...

It was quite funny at this Halloween party...Nobody knew who we were until they saw little Anniston with us.

Bethany the "football star" with her mascot "Kitty Kalia"

Just having a good time!

Dracula or "The Joker"? After we came home Stacey suggested Adam change his costume by messing up his hair and drawing a big smiley face with stitches....And dracula became The Joker! Stacey still has tears from laughing so hard at the joker pictures.