Sunday, August 30, 2009


As I started looking through which picture to post from Maine I realized that we did not take a good phtographic history of our I will warn you that this does not represent how wonderful and how much we enjoyed Maine.

Anniston after more than 1000 miles of road trip still smiling!

Adam after 1,000 miles...
Stacey after 1,000 miles...hasn't missed a step and still beautiful as ever!

This is the Portland Head Lighthouse.

Estatic Anniston and Cool Dad
While Stacey was paying for a recuerdo Adam and Anniston ran and grabbed an icecream!
Adam getting ready for his long awaited lobster meal!

At one place we stopped people had stacked up rocks like they we made our own so when we return we can see if it still is standing.

This is the Pemaquid Lighthouse.

This was Anniston's first time on the beach since Hawaii and SHE LOVED IT!

We drove through Kennebunkport along the coast and it was beautiful, this picture is of Pres. Bush's I would love to live there!

Here Stacey, Adam and Anniston visitng the Kennebunkport lighthouse (I think)

Anniston on the beach in Maine

Much MUCH different from Hawaii...colder water, jam PACKED beaches, sand/mud....but it was still great to be at the beach.

A day of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

After visiting the Joseph Smith birth place memorial we headed out to New Hampshire and Lake Winnipesakee. It is the largest lake in New Hampshire and is a beautiful lake. We stopped and walked along the boardwalk, had lunch and went to the beach for a few hours before heading off to our campsite in Maine.

Anniston did a lot of sleeping in the car, but this one was funny because she fell asleep grasping her cracker.

Sadly this is the only picture we took at the lake...and of course it isn't even of the lake.

This is Anniston all excited to be camping...or maybe just to be out of the car.

Here is Adam setting up camp. Our campground was interesting. The places we could find to camp that were close to the places we wanted to visit were campgrounds where the gorgeous views are of the side of your neighbors tent and the only wild animals you will find are ferocious 6 year olds on bikes. It is still fun and really close to the beach!
Next to come.....the coast of Maine!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sharon Vermont

Here is Anniston all ready to go in her new car seat and sippy cup!

It was a little over 7 hours from Lock Haven to Sharon. We actually drove a few minutes past Sharon and stayed the night at a hotel and got up in the morning to come to the memorial site. As you drive up towards it the road is surrounded by trees. Vermont in general is very green and BEAUTIFUL!
This is us in front of the memorial site. There really was such a peaceful feeling at the site. After going through the visitors center and just being there the spirit truly testified that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration of the Gospel that leads us to Jesus Christ.

A cute one of Anniston and I
Anniston being silly

Summer Break!

So we haven't posted anything new up here for awhile and it is about time. I have had 5 weeks off of school and it is the longest break from school that I have had since the summer of 2007. We have had lots of fun. We were in Utah for about two weeks visiting family, camping, and just having a good time (minus injury and illness). We then were at home in PA for 6 days while we prepared for our road trip. We left on our 10 day trip and drove to Sharon Vermont (the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph), then hit Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, then camped on the beaches of Maine for 3 days, stayed in Boston for 2 nights, followed by a nights stay with some family in Belchertown MA, and finally we stayed with some friends in New Jersey and while there visited New York City for two days. We have now recooperated from the 1,736 miles of road trip and I start school again on Monday. So look forward to a bunch of new posts over the next few days that will include our happenings this summer.