Thursday, December 16, 2010

Major picture overload....

So....As happens often life gets busy...I don't post for awhile...Stacey begs we put up some new pictures...So now I have a quick run down of pictures and short explanations.

Grandma Jen and Anniston carving pumpkins.

Anniston Checking out the slimy gooy pumpkin inards

Pumpkin helmet

Stacey and Rachel carving the pumpkins

Anniston taking a break from carving, learning to play the piano

Jace's involvment in the carving consisted of observation

I made 3 or 4 fresh pumpkin pies...mmmm!

Yes this is who you think it is...we had this view until someone got the courage so get the next one.

Us after Rachel's Vball game with President Eyring

This is at Halloween. Jace was a little cute puppy dog. It was raining if you remember so most of our "trick-o-treating" inside

Anniston the bumble bee

Jace just keeps getting bigger


Grandpa IVon and Anniston building a train track

Then they read "I think I can" while watching the train go around the track

Jace, Anniston and Stacey took advantage of the snow and built a snowman

Jace hanging in his snow suit

Then for Thanksgiving we went to the cabin and had some cold weather

Anniston got sick the night before and had her first episodes of vomiting in her life from sickness

Cutting down the Christmas trees Thanksgiving morning

The wheelers, Tara, and Gavin

Thanksgiving dinner...the hats have names..."Sleeps-so-little", "Up-chuck-a-lot", "Tree-runner", and "Smiles-so-much" These hats started when we lived in Hawaii, we had Bethany with us for Thanksgiving and Stacey and Bethy made these hats Anniston was "Bulldozer", Bethy-"Laughs-a-lot", Stacey "Flash", Me"Chief"

The whole bunch! If you read this and know my mom and dad ask them what there names are going to be next year...

We had some family pictures also the last few months. Katrena took the pictures and here are a few of them.


Anniston and I having some fun in the snow

Anniston and Jace...and they keep growing