Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faces of Anniston Kalia

"I'm Cool and I know it!"
"Oh Daddy...My feet are getting wet!"
"Mommy...get me out of this blanket, stop trying to take pictures, and please...PICK ME UP!"
"I'm so cute and Daddy is so funny...he just makes me laugh!"


Grammy Jen and Grandpa Mike thought that it would be fun to fly all the way to Hawaii and surprise us! Well, that's just what they did! We were eating at the cafeteria and they just happened to pop in and find us! Let me tell you...we were SHOCKED!!! It has been a fun-filled week and we are glad that Anniston was able to spend some quality time with Grammy and Grandpa!

Aloha! Anniston was so excited to see her Grandparents!

It's bath time!! As you can tell in this picture...Anniston loves her baths, especially when they are from Grammy Jen and Grandpa Mike! She was as happy as could be!
Our little Cottle Family Portrait at Sunset Beach!

Yahoo!!! We finally added a new picture!