Friday, October 10, 2008

4 Months and Counting Up...

Anniston is now 4 months...almost 5!!! It's crazy how time flies by so fast! She is so much fun and we are so grateful that she is in our family! She is full of smiles and laughs all of the time which just makes our hearts melt! Her new favorite trick is rolling from her back to her tummy!

Anniston is now 15.1 lbs. (56th percentile) and is 26 1/4 inches long (95 percentile). She is growing so much! She jibber jabbers all of the time and slobbers even more! She likes to suck on her bottom lip and recently has started sucking on her thumb (well, that's when she doesn't have her whole fist in her mouth!) Hopefully this won't become a habit.

This is a picture of Anniston watching Mommy and Daddy play softball. If you can't tell she's hanging out in the dugout in her bumbo chair!

It's dinner time! Now that Anniston is 4 months we've been TRYING to give her rice cereal. Unfortunately, she doesn't like it all that much and more of it ends up on her face and bib then in her tummy!

As you can tell's one of Papi's favorite foods!!!

This is Anniston and her friend Elizabeth eating in the good old BYUH school Cafeteria! Actually, they get to play and watch us eat! Fun!!!