Thursday, March 31, 2011

So, once again it has been forever since we've blogged ... sorry! Adam's usuallly the blogger in the family, but he is super busy with school, so ... that leaves me - and we'll ... hummm ... I don't get to it often. Okay, a quick recap of our lives lately ... we were able to live in Utah for about 4 months while Adam had 2 different rotations in Odgen. It was GREAT! I loved living close to family - even if it was for just a short time. The end of February we packed up what we could in our new (but really used!) Explorer - and headed back to Pennsylvania. Adam is currently finishing up his last rotation in Cardiology and then GUESS WHAT???? He will be graduating on May 7!!! Wahoo!!! We are pretty excited to be done with school and earn a positive income! After that who knows. We are currently on the job search - so, if you hear of any Physician Assistant job openings let us know! Right now we are living in Hummelstown, PA - which is about 5 minutes from HERSHEY, PA -- the Chocolate Capital of the World!!! If anyone wants to come visit --- PLEASE do - and we can eat lots of chocolate! Now, for a few pictures that are a little out-dated ... but still worth posting...

Since we were living in Utah during the winter months, we couldn't help but go skiing a couple of times - and one of those times we brought Anniston along with us. She absolutely LOVED her first time skiing.

All ready to hit the slopes! Because we were all wearing glasses, she wanted to as well - these glasses are what I was able to find in her toy box!


As you can tell, they quickly came off once the skiing lessons began. Daddy did a great job teaching Anniston!

*********************** Riding the lift at Snowbird! *************

Look at them cruising down the hill!


Anniston loves to twirl and dance with Daddy!

Our Happy Little Camper! Jace is the happiest baby -- we just love him to pieces!!! (You can't really tell from this picture, but there is a number 32 on Jace's shirt --- which became the JIMMER shirt that he would wear every.single. BYU B-ball game! --- Yes, we're HUGE fans!)


So, one day I was looking out our window to the back yard and saw this nice looking BUCK! I was pretty excited and took about 50 pictures of it! Anniston called it "Rudolph" and said that it was our new pet!

Christmas Morning ... Grandpa IVon got Anniston and Jace this fun car - so, when they woke up in the morning instead of walking down the hall to the Christmas Tree - they drove! It was cute!

For a White Elephant gift Adam got a gold fish -- Anniston thought it was the greatest thing ever and named it NEMO of course! We bought Nemo a new home, with a new gold fish friend whose name was FROSTY. They were doing great for about 3 days - then we came home from church and to our horror ... they were both floating on their backs. Adam quickly sent them down the toilet water slide before Anniston found them. For a few days she would ask were they where and we always said they were playing at McKenzie's house - then she forgot about them...

This was my first experience with Gold Fish (Adam couldn't believe I had never had one growing up), but obviously I'm not a good gold fish steward. Any ideas on how to be better? Anniston really did love them!


Okay, hopefully I'll be better at updating the blog in the future!

Have a great GENERAL CONFERENCE weekend --- we are super excited for it!


James and Elizabeth said...

It's so good to hear how you are doing. Hurray for Adam being almost done. That is awesome. We'll keep an eye out for jobs here in Washington if you're interested. I love Anniston's ski pictures. That is so awesome. And Jace is looking so adorable. It's so good to hear from you again. until next time.

Wendy said...

STACE! So guess I'll be coming to visit. I'm going to be in Pennsylvania May 4-10. You may be gone by that time, just becuse you guys graduate on the 7th. Not sure if we will make it until after that. But I'll give you a call just in case. Good luck with the last month of school! I hope all goes well. Wen

Mom and Kenz said...

Gold fish... 3 days is actually pretty good.

Although if you do want some longevity tips ask Kenzi -- hers last for months and months and months!!!!

Anderson Family said...

I would suggest buying a beta fish easy to take care of don't need a lot of space and they seem to live forever. They are also really pretty!

My gold fishes never lived long so I don't really know what to tell you.

The thing about the beta fish is you can only have one because they are fighting fishes.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

It's been awhile! sounds like you all are doing well. Hey, we are having a PARTAY! for my birthday in June since i am turning 30! yes, i will and am able to admit it. And even though your in pennsylvania. Would love to send a invite. So could you message me your address?

Janelle said...

Wow! You have had quite a busy couple of months! That is so exciting that you got a bigger vehicle to travel in! I am sure the drive was much more comfortable!!! Congrats Adam!!! Way to go!!! Let us know where you will be moving next!!!

TaraMarie said...

This is me reminding you to update your blog now that you're done with school...
Also, those pictures are pretty darn cute.
I recommend getting a beta fish...I got one for Gav for his birthday and it lasted 8 months...We left here when went down to Utah multiple times, including Christmas when we were gone for a week...and Socrates lived...He died a week ago...RIP Socrates.